Did Chidambaram send Delhi police to evict Ramdev?HM accused

New Delhi, Jul 11: After a brief pause, the controversy over the eviction of Baba Ramdev once again raised its head when the Supreme Court held the hearing on the petition by the yoga guru’s followers.

In the apex court, Ramdev on Monday, Jul 11 hurled his attack on the union home minister, P Chidambaram over the police “atrocities” on the Baba and his followers.

Ramdev accused Chidambaram of sending Delhi police at the midnight to forcefully remove him (Ramdev) from the national capital.

The yoga guru held a hunger strike in Delhi demanding to bring back black money stashed abroad. He (Ramdev) was booted out from the capital after police attacked the Baba and his followers at Ramlila Maidan on Jun 4. Baba’s fast ended with the late night lathi-charge, tear-gassing, and the arrest of the yoga icon while he was disguised as a woman.

The Supreme Court on Monday inquired the Delhi police about their inaction over Baba’s followers’ complaints against their (Delhi police) officials.

The apex court also asked the police to submit the video footage of Ramdev’s “yoga camp” at Ramliala. The court will review 31 hard disks’ worth of footage to determine the sequence of events on that night.

Famous criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani argued in the court on behalf of the Baba who challenged the government version of the action taken place in the Delhi ground on Jun 4.

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