German Girl Rape Case,Goa,Fadela Fuchs speaks Up.

SUPARI.ORG media wing of MYNATION.NET asked few question to mother of German girl rape case in GOA.About law system and what foreigners think about India.

These Answers are published from Personal mail to Fadela Fuchs and published with her permission, without any modification

1) what Do you think, in India ordinary person can get justice ?

A 1)Somehow I do believe that even an ordinary person without the possibility to pay bribe can get justice in India,too.
I think not all police people or judges are corrupt.But it would be time for those ones to stand up,together with their union and the press.Show up cases where there was a fair trial.
But unfortunately people with power and money do get away easy for their crimes.Simply because they do own the system,they can buy the press.And ones the machinery is on their side,there is not much chance for the victims.See the Scarlett case.Maybe there is a difference between this one and my daughter

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