UAE : Indian Women fake Divorce to live with Lover

Sharjah: woman from Mangalore living in Sharjah is at the heart of a double deception that landed her husband in jail, her live-in boyfriend in jail and left her 10-year old daughter in limbo. According to Shamsudeen Karunagappally, an advocate at Al Kabban Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai, Sharjah Police have arrested the woman CS, and her boyfriend MA, and sentenced them to two and six months in prison, respectively, followed by deportation.

The woman has been charged with duplicating a document showing that she was divorced from her husband VS.

She also forged a fake marriage certificate so that she could live with her boyfriend.

CS used the fake certificates to get her husband arrested.

Speaking to this website from Mangalore, India, VS says he and CS were married in January, 2001.

In 2002 a daughter was born.

Thereafter, the marriage did not work and in 2006 the couple began living separately.

Recently, however, VS discovered that his wife was living with another man in Abu Shagara without divorcing him.

His daughter was living with the mother and her new lover.

“Therefore, I filed a complaint with CID officials. The police raided their apartment, but she surprised everyone and produced a divorce document and a new marriage certificate, issued in Bangalore, India.

“I was stunned. The police then arrested me for filing a false complaint and put me behind bars,” says the husband.

VS hired a lawyer and it took two years for him to uncover the truth.

“I went to Bangalore and found that she had forged the divorce and new marriage certificates,” he said.

VS went back to the Sharjah Police and this time, his wife and her lover were arrested.

VS is now planning to fight for custody of his daughter who is living with his wife’s mother right now.

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