Fake rape case to make money – women charged

Mathura: Case of the Delhi woman accusing a hotel owner and his staffer of rape on April 6 appears near collapse as the ‘survivor’s’ statement in the court was in stark contrast to what she told police.

Loopholes in her statement to the court has prompted hotel owner Ashok Bindal’s lawyer to charge the woman of lying and attempting to defame her client.

Even the police are planning to take legal action against the 25-year-old woman. They have set in motion the process of releasing Bindal, who is currently on judicial remand. The police had the right to keep him in custody for 14 days following court’s order.

Medical tests have also proved that the woman was not raped, investigating officers said.

Discrepancies emerged when the woman told the court that she had been coming to Mathura for the last three years, and had been staying at the same hotel. When Bindal refused to lend her money on April 6, she decided to exact revenge by filing a complaint of rape against him, police said.

On April 6, the woman had told police that Bindal and one of his employees had barged into her friend’s house and sexually assaulted her. Police had then booked Bindal and his employee under Section 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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