False Rape Case – No Charges for False case

In India, Women / girl can sue or file false case on anyone; and Police will arrest innocent men and burdon of proof lies on men to prove that they are innocent, sometimes it take decades to prove even many innocent convicted and Charged for the crime they never committed.

After equitting from False charges, there will be no damage charges for men or defamation case on Girl. Every Women in India has FREE hand by law to misuse it.

Most of the time when Women is paid money demanded she can withdraw the case with ease. and there will be no charges for misusing it. False Rape case is another money making, Blackmailing tool for Indian Women. coz Indian Law think all Women are Victims and All men are Villains.

here is another example.

Three persons accused of raping a minor girl after kidnapping her have been acquitted by a Delhi court after the girl denied the incident.

Additional Sessions Judge Ashutosh Kumar let off West Delhi residents Lokesh, Arun and Kuldeep of the penal charges as neither the girl nor the medical report confirmed the rape.

The girl had not identified the accused either as persons who had allegedly kidnapped her, the court said.

“Neither acts (kidnapping and rape) alleged nor the identity of the accused persons as the ones who had committed the offences, nor the offence of kidnapping or gang rape etc has been proved from the testimony of the witnesses.

Even, the medico-legal Case of the girl does not show that any rape was committed on her, as admittedly no semen was found and there was no injury on the private parts of the prosecutrix,” the judge said.

According to the prosecution, the girl was allegedly kidnapped by the accused on November 11, 2011, when she was returning home from her school.

According to her complaint, the accused had taken her to a secluded spot in a car and took turns to rape her.

She had alleged that they threatened to kill her mother and father and asked her to keep quiet about the incident.

During the trial, the girl deposed contradictory to her complaint and statement to the police, denying that she was raped.

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