How to make easy money fast for Indian Women only

This is a Live Example of a women who made fortune of millions of Rupees and jewelry, without any hard work, This Technic is Fully supported by Indian Government , Sponsored by National commission of women (NCW and WCD) and its Legal.

No Hard efforts;

No Investment

And You can Sleep as many men as Possible.

Only You have to find wealthy man, sorry Trap, get marry, next day walk away with all his valuables and file 498A (Anti dowry Law) – False of course, no one will check, or verify your complaint is true or false, Police will by default arrest innocent husband, Government will appoint Public Prosecutor to fight you case, till you win and get money, no need to pay anything for Lawyers.

Its not Fake, its really works, here is the live example, A women married 10 Men.

A MUMBAI lawyer Ganesh Iyer and a 32-year old woman Kausar Begam from Bangalore have demonstrated the utter lunacy of India

2 thoughts on “How to make easy money fast for Indian Women only

  1. Ref How to make easy money. What Sunita Mam has mentioned is correct but she has probably though oversight wrongly mentioned that police will by default arrest innocent husband. In fact, the police underhand joins hands with the girl and fixes up a share with the girl knowing pretty well from the overall conduct and body language that the case is being foisted on the boy

  2. Hon’ble Supreme Court may please control criminal minded politicians who make ludicrous law. Pakistan Supreme Court is setting example of controling criminal politicians.

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