Woman abandons husband, kids to marry father-in-law

Indian Biased media never write women had illicit relation with man, but they always portrait man as villain,and say man was having relation with women.

indian women never think, about her age or status, when matter of infidelity / sex comes. She is ready to sleep with anyone, even man is of her fathers age.

No one will blame her for abondoning her small innocent children,Even she left them for her lust.

Media and Women organisations are mum in this issue, If man has done this then media will publish this in front page and Women Organisation will stage big DRAMA in front of Authority, demand arrest for Infidelity and Alimony to women.

THIS IS INDIA, Phir bi mera Bharath Mahaan…
Patna, Nov 18 2008: A woman has left her husband and four children from him to marry her father-in-law in a Bihar village, raising the hackles of a tradition-bound community.

Angry and shocked, the villagers have ostracised her and her father-in-law and ordered the ciouple to leave the village as early as posiible for breaking age-old social traditions.

Lalita Devi, 25, left her husband Dilip Mandal, 28, and their four minor children Saturday to marry her father-in-law Harindar Mandal in Dhamiapatti village in Madhubani district, 129 km from Patna.

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