How to suppress Men with Income Tax – No Father’s name

Indian Government has many Weapons of Men’s destruction in its arsenal, here is another silent killer of latest invention along with Income Tax. Indian Women can Take away, keep away child from Father, but Force him to pay, so she can earn her livelihood without any efforts, and that money is not coming under Income Tax. because as per Indian Government she is a ABLA NARI. in support to this now GOI came up with new Rule.

Women want to raise child with maintenance amount provided by father, but they don’t want to have fathers name mentioned any where. she want Child should get Fathers all assets, but she do not want to mention Father name in any documents

CBDT proposed to amend Income Tax Rule 114 related to PAN and proposed to make PAN compulsory for transactions of Rs. 250000 or more and also proposed to amend Form number 49A and Form number 49AA to provide that in case of Kids of Single Mother father’s name shall not be mandatory in PAN application Forms, where mother is the single parent.
F.No. 370142/40/2016-TPL (Part-I)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
(Central Board of Direct Taxes)

Is this not suppression of men?

Soon India will be Country of BASATARDs (Bastard may refer to. Illegitimate child, a child born to unmarried parents, Child of unknown Parent)

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