Fast justice – Man kill his wife

In India, Men do not get justice, when his wife is having Affair, as most of the Indian Women have extra marital Affair because of Indian government support for Women. when Man find out his wifes Affair if he appeal for Divorce, he will not get easily and that will take at least a decade, not only its time consumed but Law force man to pay Alimony even he caught her red handed with her paramour.
and this is result what man will do, if same trend continued and government keeps on continue support for women even in thier crime.

BANGALORE: It was around 5am Saturday. Night beat policemen HG Venkatesh and C Ravi were on their rounds in Rajagopalnagar near Peenya, chilled by the Nilam effect. They saw a man walking hurriedly in the direction of the railway track and stopped him.

When he started making contradictory statements, the cops got suspicious. A closer look and they noticed bloodstains on his clothes. Sensing something amiss, they alerted Rajagopalnagar station. A Hoysala arrived and the team took him in for questioning.

“Sir, I just killed my wife and was walking towards the railway track to jump before a train,” said Rajachari Chowdappa , shocking head constable Venkatesh.

The disturbed man took them to his residence in Sreegandhanagar and showed them the body of his wife. Rajachari , 34, was immediately arrested for allegedly bludgeoning Uma, 24, to death. They have a son Maresh, 4.

In his confessional statement , Rajachari, a painter, said he killed his wife because he suspected her fidelity . “I tried my best to reform her,” he said.

On Friday night too, the couple had fought over the same issue. “Early in the morning, Rajachari came out of his house, picked up a boulder and bludgeoned his wife,” DCP (North) HS Revanna said.

Uma was a garment factory employee. “The child has been orphaned as the father is jailed,” said a neighbour.

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