Delhi Blast: India asks help from foreign agencies

New Delhi , Sept 11: Investigation agencies probing the Delhi high Court blast case have asked for help from foreign investigation agencies particularly operating in southeast Asia if they received any communication, which may provide link to the Sept 7 terror attack in national capital.

Home ministry official said on Sunday (Today) that the investigators has always been in touch with foreign agencies, specially with United States to get some clues link to the blast. Sources also said that they has also been trying to acquire information whether the attacked was carried out by any domestic terror outfit having link with across the border or terrorist based on neighboring countries.

The investigator are also taking help from the foreign agencies to find out the root of the email who claimed the Sept 7 blast which left 13 people dead and over 95 injured.

Home Minister P Chidambaram on Friday, Sept 9 said that foreign investigation agencies had been contacted NIA to probed the case. “As far as investigations are concerned, there are promising leads but I can’t yet call them very conclusive leads,” he added.

Sources also said that Indian investigator are taking help from the foreign agencies to analyses data relating to signal intelligence, communication intercepts, movement of known terrorists and their front operatives during the past few weeks.

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