Frightened Face of Renuka Chawdhary

As Predicted Before [ CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE ], when she knows men are equiped with correct figures of misuse of 498a and other gender biased laws, Renuka Chaudhary just denied to meet Men NGOS, you can see her frieghtened face.[Recent Photograph]

The Centre has changed the agenda of its first-ever meeting with men

3 thoughts on “Frightened Face of Renuka Chawdhary

  1. LoL, look at her! Sweating profusely…
    Itni gaaliyan deti hai offline, jab sachchai ka saamna karne ka time aaya to paseene chhoot gaye.
    These feminazis don’t even have guts to face the reality, what sort of women empowerment will they bring the society?

    Lying Female Dogs!

  2. I am really amazed at that fat bitch Renuka Choudhury. I wish i can get her in front of me and argue for some time with her as to what she is doing to the country’s women with her anti-male laws. She is destroying society.

    I wonder if she had 2 sons, whether she would do the same or not.

    Let the next women minister have 2 sons and let one of them be a harassed victim.

    These feminazis have no brains but only hot fire under their ass.

  3. @Sam: I am sure Renuka should be a spinster because with this type of mentality no good decent male would offer to share the life with her other than for a couple of ‘one night stands’. But my question is — ‘Is she eligible of even a ONS’?

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