After Anna’s exit, garbage strewn across Ramlila Maidan

New Delhi, Aug 28: Ramlila Maidan has been turned into a garbage dump after Anna Hazare called off his fast on Aug 28 (today).

The venue was filled with water bottles, food packets, biscuit packets, cartons, banana peels, dirty carpets, rice and curry among other thing that was seen lying scattered on the ground.

During Anna’s fast, the venue was cleaned regularly by MCD employees and volunteers of Team Anna, but after Anna exited the venue, no such action took place.

Big dustbins made it to the corners of the ground so garbage could be collected and thrown at public dustbins.

“We have other important works… Preparations for celebrations at India Gate are to be undertaken, and I am engaged in that. This is not my work,” said a volunteer from Team Anna who volunteered to clean the maidan.

Anna Ki rasoi-the kitchen where food was freely distributed to people also added to the strewn garbage everywhere. Curry, chopped vegetable, cooked rice, spices were seen thrown near the kitchen.

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