Gender Discourse

This is a discussion aired in Loksabha TV in their program “Gender Discourse”.
Laws intended for protection of women are being rampantly misused and innocent family members are being jailed without investigation and are entangled in vexatious, lingering and wasteful litigation and harassment by police.

Swarup Sarkar & Abhimanyu – Save Family Foundation, New Delhi
Meenakshi Lekhi- Advocate, Supreme Court
Rajana Kumari(on phone) – Director, CSR, New Delhi

Link to 6 parts:

One thought on “Gender Discourse

  1. Criminla LAW is to punish the criminla, Criminla law should not be allowed to misuse to get easy money, maintnace, divorce or child custedy. Marrage is a civil activity and all the dispute realted to marrage to be resolved in civil law the way all over the world done and the assumption that all men born in criminla family and all wives born in Raja Harish Chadra family ( never lie), it is not only blunder, but hyprocosy and open gundagari to kill the natrual Justice system of india.
    Justifying the misuse of 498a /DVact and doing the open extrotion of money/property, promotion of elder abuse, creating father less child soceity is nothing but “Unlash Legal Terrorism” as earlier said by Supreme court of India.
    If LAW makers still not wake up and stop the loophole in the laws and made the same as Gender eaull , our Society to be ready to pay a huge price in the form of conversion of Human society to a animale society and maximum indian husband’s will prefer to die as Debit man insted of credit man.
    Stop Treating the Indian Husbands as “Free ATM machine” and replace the word Husband/wife to Spouse in all marrage realted law.
    For more reference :

    We wonder Whose life is in More Danger in India : Men or Women?
    Crime Bure data 2005 : Married Men Sucide : 52k vs Married Women Sucide 28K.Still there is no LAW to Protect Men why?
    2006 Crime Bure Data : Married Men Sucide:55452 vs. Married Women Sucide:29869.
    2007 Crime Bure Data : Married Men Sucide:57593 vs. Married Women Sucide:30064
    Will Our LAW Maker change the LAW 304B( dowry death) to 304C( Sowry Death) and 498A ( harrasement to wife) to 498B ( Sowry harrasement by wife)

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