GERMAN Guests are not comes Under NCW Mandate ?

Atiti Devo Bhava or Guests are Gods

Are We Indian Treating our guests as God….? As our Age old Tradition to treat our guest equal to GOD, but we are treating them wrost than animals but exploit them too.

When German National Fadela Fuchs Daughter was sexually exploited and sent obscene SMS messages, Even after they are having solid proof, that she was exploited, Police took almost 2 weeks to Register Complaint.

If Rohit Monserrate was not wrong, why he is hiding ?
Why his Father putting pressure on Police and blackmailing Fadela Fuchs to withdraw case.
Why Government is not ordering CBI enquiry into this case
OR, 2 Political Parties using Indra as Guinea Pig.
Why Women Organisation like NCW / WCD is not helping these poor Guest women OR they also not comes under their mandate ? Just because Congress men are involved in this.

and Are we Treating Guests as GOD.?

Goa police to ‘review’ rape case of German teen

Panaji, Oct 22 The Goa police was finding it difficult to proceed with the case of a minor German girl allegedly raped by a state minister’s son as the victim was unwilling to depose, said a senior police official here.

The case, which hit the national spotlight after police booked Education Minister Atanasio Monserrate’s son Rohit for the crime, would be reviewed, Superintendent of Police Bosco George said.

“We will now have to review the case and decide which sections to drop and what course of action to follow,” George, who is spearheading the investigation, said.

Adding that it had been more than a week since the investigation began, he said: “The girl is not willing to depose. In this situation, it’s difficult for us to proceed with the case.”

He disclosed that the minor victim’s mother had still not given her consent for the medical examination of her daughter.

Police have been deferring Rohit’s arrest until the victim deposes before them.

After 12 days of vacillating on the issue, police on Oct 14 finally booked 21-year-old Rohit Monserrate for raping and sending obscene messages to the German teen. The complaint filed by the victim’s mother was registered only after media pressure and a stern communiqu

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