Girl murder Brother-in-law and surrender

If anyone says a Girl killed a man with a knife,no one beleive other than Indians. unless he is sleeping or drunk.
here brothe-in-law tried to rape sister-in-law after locking his wife in other room, and she killed him with a kitchen knife.
if he forced him to SIL room, he will lock the door, so how she will get kitchen knife..?
Even she gets the knife no man will give head to stab him…

its a well planned plot, both sister killed man may be he was sleeping and cookup the story that he was harassing his wife.

may be in reality they wanted to get rid of him, coz they know, Indian law and Police will not do anything, as in india, Women are endangered spicies.
There was no enquiry or investigation on this murder, coz Indian women is always right.

Here is the news

A final-year undergraduate girl student on Friday surrendered after killing her brother-in-law who attempted to sexually assault her.

The girl, studying BCom in a private college in the city, went to the Madhavaram police station along with her sister and confessed to having killed her brother-in-law by stabbing him in his neck using a kitchen knife. When a police team reached their apartment, they found Mathew Vinu Raj (35) dead in a pool of blood.

In the wee hours of Friday, Mathew locked his wife in a room and barged into his sister-in-law’s room and forced himself on her, police said. Mathew’s 8-year-old son was asleep in another room.

“The girl tried to protect herself for long and then took out a kitchen knife and threatened Mathew to leave the room. As he was unrelenting, she first stabbed him on his head. But that proved futile. She then stabbed him in the neck,” said inspector K Krishnamoorthy.

The girl had been staying with her sister’s family at Madhavaram for the last seven years after both of her parents died.

Mathew, a native of Kerala, married the girl’s sister after courting her for a few years. He initially agreed to his wife’s sister staying in his house, but soon started physically assaulting her.

The girl on Friday surrendered to police in Madhavaram.

“He used to verbally abuse and beat his wife and sister-in-law. The girl said he started making sexual advances towards her in the last two months. She had to suffer in silence as she had no one to support her,” said deputy commissioner S Vimala.

In a rare case, the Madhavaram police booked the girl under the milder IPC Section 304 (Culpable homicide not amounting to murder), and released her on bail. “She killed him in an act of self-defence,” said an officer. Police seek exemption under IPC section 100, which makes killing a person not an offence, if it was for self-defence.

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