Girl kill mother to marry Lover

ROHTAK: Murder of a widow has sent shock waves in Gohana town of Sonipat district on Haryana as she was killed by none other than her own daughter on October 25. Her body was recovered from the canal on Wednesday.

The urge to marry her lover drove the minor girl to kill her mother as she was against the matrimonial alliance. The 16-year-old school dropout married her 23-year-old lover barely 10 days after the murder. The latter is believed to have assisted in strangulating the elderly woman.

The crime came to light when girl’s maternal uncle got suspicious over the way his sister had disappeared and lodged a missing persons report with the police on Monday. When police questioned the girl and her husband, they gave contradicting replies. But persistent interrogation made the culprits confess to their crime.

Gohana police station SHO Rajiv Kumar said the girl told her interrogators that she was having an affair with the youth for some time, but her mother had strong objections. “The victim refused to let her daughter marry the man of her choice. Realizing that they would not be able to get married, the couple hatched a conspiracy to eliminate her,” he said.

On the night of October 25, the girl along with her lover took turns strangulating the elderly woman at her house and then took the body to a canal on the outskirts of the town. “The girl put a lot of salt on her mother’s body to quicken the decay process,” said the police officer.

Three days ago, her uncle came to their residence and found his sister missing. When he inquired about her from his niece she claimed that her mother had gone on a pilgrimage. But the uncle got suspicious and contacted the police after which the case was cracked on Wednesday.

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