Goan girl complains against boy for sending defamatory emails

Bangalore/Panaji, Oct 20: A Goan girl studying in Bangalore has charged that a boy from Gujarat circulated defamatory emails about her and uploaded some clips on social networking website, youtube.

“Defamatory emails were circulated about the girl by one Bhavesh Mota, the boy whom she met in Bangalore. A formal complaint has been lodged with the police,” Auda Viegas, President, Bailancho Ekvott, a woman’s organisation, said. The organisation, has taken up the case with Superintendent of Police (South) Allan D’Sa seeking arrest of the boy.

An email and youtube clipping posted on the net suggest that the girl had an affair with the boy but later dumped him for others. “The girl(21) from Sanguem taluka was studying in Bangalore and claims that she does not even know the boy properly,” Viegas said.

But media no where said Girl allowed to take her picture, OR as long as she was getting some favor from boy she was with him had affair, when she had enough she moved to someone else. may be boy spend thousands on her and there is no legal remedy for men when girls dump or run away with boys money, If boy refuse to marry she can approch law. thats biased legal system of India.

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