A Texas man thought he was being charitable but ended up being a little too generous: Included in a pair of shoes donated to Goodwill were his and his wife’s life savings.
A Goodwill worker who was arranging recently donated items came across something stuffed inside a black loafer: a wad of 33 $100 bills.
The employee alerted Richard Lopez, who set aside the cash for seven days to see if someone would claim it. Lopez told local news station KPRC, “We have policies here at Goodwill. We want to make sure we’re doing the right thing.”
The “good will” of the workers worked. According to KPRC, Clarence Cope was at the store on the day a woman from Galveston came in to claim the cash, which she described in detail. “She was so grateful,” he said. “She was crying.
She explained that her husband had not been aware that the old shoe had served a valuable purpose in the closet, more piggy bank than pump.
“We were so happy that we were able to get the money to the right person,” Cope added.

Now question is, A man make only 3300 as a Life saving still he is ready to Donate from the Little money / things he has, such men are hard to find nowdays, he deserve a madal.

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