9 year-old-boy killed, chopped and minced in grinder

Beijing, Jul 20: A nine-year-old school boy was kidnapped, murdered and chopped up brutally and then his kidnappers used a meat grinder to mince his body, before throwing it in a river in China.

Schoolboy Zhang Shihao met Liu Zhiwei November 2, 2010, in Zhengzhou, the capital of central China’s Henan province. Liu asked Zhang to help pick up a yo-yo for his niece and he then drove away with him, Shanghai Daily cited Henan Business News as reporting.

Liu then made a ransom call for 100,000 yuan to Zhang’s family. Zhang’s parents informed the police and then went to a bank to pay the money into an account.

Two days later, Liu demanded 100,000 yuan more, and warned them not to report to police. The police stopped them from sending the ransom money. A probe then revealed that Liu and two of his partners had killed Zhang.

The three suspects are facing abduction and murder charges.

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