MNS Chief Raj Thackeray wants Maharashtra the Gujarat way

Ahemdabad, Aug 3: MNS Chief, Raj Thackeray on the commencement of his nine day tour to Gujarat said that his intention to visit the state was to learn the Narendra Modi government’s way of handling issues like power, back home and corruption.

“Sitting in Mumbai, I had heard a lot about the development taking place in Gujarat through people and other media,” Thackeray told media-persons after visiting the Gandhi Ashram.

“It felt good when the (Tata’s) Nano car project was shifted from West Bengal to Gujarat. And when Ratan Tata himself praised the Modi government and development in the state, I felt I should also go there and see to myself what difference Modi administration had made.

“I have great respect for Modi. The work his government has done, no other government has been able to do in the entire country,” he said.

“Those who believe that this is a political visit have very narrow vision and I don’t care what they think,” said Thackeray when asked if his visit had a political motive.

“Maharashtra is far ahead of Gujarat in industries and infrastructure. Development in Gujarat is a recent phenomenon.

“In Maharashtra, electricity, roads and corruption is a major problem. I want to see how Gujarat government has been able to address the issues of electricity and corruption. I also want to see how the system of politicians and state bureaucrats were working here, hand in hand,” Thackeray further added.

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  1. As a matter of fact, Gujarat had major electronics industries which catered to markets all over India even 25 years ago. Also, major cities of Gujarat always had good roads and drainage system.

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