Wife, paramour kill husband in Delhi

New Delhi, Dec 24 A 26-year-old hawker was beaten to death by his wife and her paramour after he found them in a compromising position at his southeast Delhi home, the police said Tuesday.

Geeta and her paramour Ajay, alias Vinod, were arrested Tuesday for killing Harishchander at his rented house in Ghitorni village late Monday. The deceased is survived by two children.

Earlier Geeta told the police that two men who had been drinking with her husband in her house killed Harishchander.


2 thoughts on “Wife, paramour kill husband in Delhi

  1. If indian court/law decides that all wives are from raja harish chandra families…then these were inevitable.
    If we go by numbers then find negligible to the wives death, but if you study every family with microscopic view then find how the indian husbands being tortured to death.

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