Tobaco Kills but HEMP banned.

Every year Tobaco or related smoke kills thousands of people or cause Cancer,TB and other health related Problems, but because of its lobby no government is dare to BAN it.

At the same time, Miracle Plant commonly called HEMP(Cannabis indica, White widow, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis) is banned in most of the countries.

it has miracle cure for cancer but lobby of Medicinal Drugs multinational companies will not allow it legalise.

No one died by smoking cannabis, still its banned by our Governments. because of Powerfull lobby of Drugs and Tobaco Industries.

Hemp can be used for Oil, food, and Raw material for various industries Applications; and products such as hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, durable cloth, pulp, paper, Building material, Plastic, composite materials,Weed control, and fuel.



For more detailed Reading :>> HEMP(Cannabis) A Miracle Plant.

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