Shamesless Congress calls ‘corrupt’ Anna Hazare a ‘HERO’

New Delhi, Aug 19: On Friday, Aug 19 when the entire nation witnessed overwhelming support for Anna Hazare, after seeing his popularity the Congress party made a sudden U-turn when they called the Gandhian crusader a “Hero’s Hero”.

The party, which had earlier accused Anna of being corrupt, surprised and amused the nation when its party leader, Sanjay Nirupam claimed, “He (Anna Hazare) is a hero. Even I respect him.”

As it is said, If you cannt beat them Join them, Now congress followed same policy shamelessly.

Following the UPA government’s permission to Anna to hold his fast protest at Ramlila Maidan and the adjustment between Delhi police and the Team Anna over the hunger strike, Nirupam’s statement (calling Anna a hero) was supported by another Congress leader – Harish Rawat.

While speaking to a TV channel, Rawat reiterated Nirupam’s words by calling the 74-year-old Gandhian a “true hero of the nation”.

Here it can be recalled that Congress spokesperson, Manish Tiwari had lashed back Anna Hazare after calling him (Anna) corrupt.

Back firing the Gandhian crusader, he (Tiwari) said that a Supreme Court judge also called Anna’s fast illegal, further adding that his fast was not for the Lokpal Bill or against corruption.

However, challenging Congress’ allegations, Anna Hazare had claimed, “I want the government to lodge an FIR against me and conduct an inquiry.”

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