Single men hire wombs in Gujarat to become fathers

AHMEDABAD: Motherhood makes a woman complete. Now, single men too are staking claim to complete manhood by becoming a parent.

Surrogate capital Anand, where infertility specialist Dr Naina Patel has helped hundreds of childless couples from all over the world, is also seeing single men queuing up to father a child with the help of donated eggs and a surrogate mother.

Rafa, a 38-year old Spanish teacher, recently celebrated the birth of his twin boys whom he fathered through artificial reproduction and a surrogate mother. The woman delivered Rafa’s twins in Anand. Of course, Rafa, as a prospective single father, had to furnish details about the sound health of his finances as well as support from his mother and other family members who will help him bring up the children.

But the single father, who did not want to get into a marriage to have kids, could not be happier. “I wanted to experience fatherhood and I am so glad to be seen as a parent today. The feeling cannot be told in words,” said Rafa. There are more such cases, even among Indians.

A 28-year old expat Gujarati, who stays in the US, met with a serious accident and was hospitalized for two years battling paraplegia. Left with a certain disability, the young man expressed his feeling that he did not want to marry as he was too conscious of his handicap but would love to become a father.

“His parents approached us and using his sperms a surrogate just delivered a boy. Fatherhood has given the young man a new purpose in life,” said Dr Patel. Infertility specialist Dr Falguni Bavishi of Ahmedabad has also been approached by a single man from Canada to help him become a father. He had got his sperms frozen and will get a baby with the help of a surrogate.

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