Husband who got infected by HIV+ve wife wins Bodily harm suit, warns public about wife


The law about HIV-postive persons: If a HIV-positive does not declare his/her ‘KNOWN’ status of HIV positive to another person (including husband), he/she can be sued for causing ‘BODILY HARM’ for transmitting the HIV virus.

In cases of public safety, persons can inform public about risks from a very highly sexually active individual.

Man warns public about his HIV wife
29 December 2008. A Toronto man has issued a public appeal for anyone who was intimate with his HIV-positive ex-stripper wife to be tested for the AIDS-causing virus.

Percy Whiteman told the Toronto Sun he’s certain his ex-wife, Suwalee Iamkhong, had sex with other men after he married her in 1997, two years after he sponsored her immigration to Canada from Thailand.

She worked at a Toronto strip club from 1995 to 2004, and he married her in 1997. In 2004, Iamkhong fell ill and was diagnosed with HIV, which resulted in her being charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm for infecting Whiteman. In 2007, she was sentenced to three years in prison and is now being held in an immigration holding center awaiting deportation, the report said.

I don’t think justice was fully served, Whiteman told the Sun. She should have been deported a long time ago for what she’s done to others.

Meanwhile, Iamkhong told an immigration hearing she won’t be able to afford medication if she is returned to Thailand, the report said.

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