Delhi Blast: NIA searches Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist

New Delhi, Oct 9: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) are searching the Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) terrorist Junaid Akram from Saturday, Oct 8. Wasim Akram Malik, the elder brother of Junaid Akram was arrested on Thursday, Oct 6.

NIA has aware the states, border forces and immigration authorities and it has been estimated that Junaid who is missing can go out of the country.

The agency thinks that if they can arrest Junaid, they will get more information about the people who were involved in the Delhi High court blast.

Wasim’s father pleaded that his son is innocent and he (Wasim) was not present in the capital on Sep 7. The NIA officals revealed that if Wasim’s presence in Jammu doesn’t prove that he is innocent and he was not involved in the blast. It was an excuse.

NIA officials added that bombs could be planted by others and Junaid’s arrest may lead us to them. Azhar Ali, the HM member had taken the names of Wasim and Junaid in an interrogation. Ali told that he had trained Junaid. Ali is now Jammu’s Kotbalwal jail as he was arrested for recruiting people from Kistwar area and secured SIM cards for his group.

Shamima Begum, Junaids’s mother said that last year Ali kidnapped his younger son, the family complained in the police station then Ali was arrested. Junaid’s family members said that Ali had some personal enimity with the family, so he called out their names.

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