‘Unstable’ Honour abortion in Stable: Family of Afghan rape victim, 14, carry out forced ‘honour’ abortion with razor blade and no anaesthetic

A 14 year old Afghan rape victim was subjected to a primitive “Honour abortion’ of a 5 month fetus, with no anaesthesia and a cruel ‘surgery’ in the stable.

We should remember the plight of the ‘sham second marriage’ to an Afghan bride by an irresponsible and immoral Army Major Chandrashekar Pant. The ‘Major’ has put the lady in a very precarious situation in Afghanisthan.

The Government should punish him accordingly (both in civil court and Army court), and offer the Afghan lady a job and Domicile in India—so that we don’t read about her plight in the newpapers later.


Family of Afghan rape victim, 14, carry out forced ‘honour’ abortion with razor blade and no anaesthetic

The mother and brother of a 14-year-old Afghan rape victim hacked her stomach open with a razor before removing her unborn baby, it emerged today.

After the forced abortion, which was carried out without anaesthetic, the girl stitched up while the five-month-old foetus was taken away and buried.

The barbaric surgery took place in a stable. It has been claimed the family wanted to avenge their honour after the girl was assaulted.

After several days at home, her father took her to hospital where she is in a critical condtion.

Her relatives, who face criminal charges, had claimed she had been bitten by a dog.

Habiba Sarabi, Governor of Bamiyan Province where the abortion took placed, told the BBC a man accused of raping the teenager had been arrested.

He added police also intended to arrest her mother and brother.

Dr Ghulam Mohammad Nader, head of Bamiyan hospital, said the teenager had been able to tell officials what had happened to her.

‘The girl stayed at home for three or four days in her condition until her father took her to hospital,’ he told the BBC.

‘He said a dog had bitten her so that people in the area wouldn’t know what had really happened.’

Rape is a highly stigmatised subject in Afghanistan where sex outside marriage is illegal.

Some families resort to murdering their relatives in so-called honour killings in the wake of sexual assaults.

It is widely believed that women who are attacked are actually willing participants.

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