Men do more House work, Women show off

London, March 14 Men do far more household work than they are given credit for, reveals a new study.

Nearly 60 percent of the 1,000 men surveyed said their efforts went unnoticed by the women.

The respondents said they spent 13 hours a week on household chores including cleaning the lavatory, taking out the rubbish and changing the bed linen.

Almost half said they felt women were more prone to showing off about the amount of housework they take on.

Eighty five percent of men said they took out rubbish, while 80 percent claimed the credit for carrying shopping bags in a bid to take the weight off their wife’s shoulders.

Food shopping came third – with 78 percent saying they are responsible for restocking the fridge each week, reports

The survey conducted by Dove, the beauty brand, showed that men spend 4.7 hours a week on housework and 6.9 hours on childcare.

“Our research shows that modern men are becoming more vocal about the contribution they make in the home, and the popular stereotype of men doing nothing around the house is no longer accurate,” said Paul Connell, brand manager of Dove Men Care.

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