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Press Release
Circulated in connection to the program conducted by HRLN (Human Resources Law Network, Cochin), conducted on 29th and 30th November, Cochin) , by Family(India) Life-Line, NGO, Cochin, Kerala.
FILL demands closure of socially destructive organizations, namely Human Rights Law Network (HRLN- a group of lawyers, by the lawyers, FOR the lawyers, and against society and progress of Indian Nation in general) Feedback (to be disseminated for public notice and actions, through your media publication, for the larger benefit of society, to safe guard familial system in India which is the foundation of our Nations progress and strength) regarding the negative discussions and direction as emerged in the event titled “National Consultation on domestic violence and reproductive rights”, which was conducted on 29 & 30th November, Cochin , Organised by Human Rights Law Network (

Background: The organiser of this meet, Ms.Sandhya George, Director, HRLN, Cochin, Kerala was met by members of FILL, NGO, Cochin, on the eve of this program(27th November) with a view to understand the purpose, constitution/attendee profile and scope of this program. It was understood that the purpose of this program is to generate inputs from the participants so that implementation of Domestic Violence Act PWDVA,2005) can be carried out without any bearing or without even considering the scope for misuse or gender-neutrality.

We also understood that HRLN (Human Rights Law network) though sounds gender neutral, going by its name per se, is not so and this is evident both from their website, as mentioned above, and from the conduct and content of their subject program. Their mandate, rather pretext, is only to work for women’s issues(these are the same issues that they as advocates themselves provoke and sustain, resulting in irretrievable break-down of families who just happen to start of with some minor ego issues and hence some ruffle between the members sharing a domestic relationship(as per the same defnition of DV Act), as was verbally confirmed by the aforementioned HRLN, Director, Ms.George, and which was evident from their website and seminar constituents.

There was nother daunting concern in our mind, which arose after seeing the repeated apathy and indifference of this lawyers group towards preventive, proactive measures which can SAVE many a family, instead this group seemed to be more interested in pushing interpersonal and marital relationships towards points of no return, this attitude was evidently displayed by the organizers of HRNL, who are lawyers by profession. It was apparent that these HRNL personnel has no inkling, care , concern or interest in addressing the trauma faced by people involved in domestic violence cases(victim(whether it be a woman or a man) and the children in the family, who more often than not have to be mute witnesses to acts of domestic violence, if not direct victims themselves). When the importance of preventive and early intervention was being emphasized by the Director, Protect Indian Family Foundation, NGO, Mumbai, the forum of HRNL was only keen to impress that since they were a group of lawyers, their legal activism will be and can only be limited to ‘CURATIVE’ legal interventions like filing cases to restore the rights of WOMEN (as mentioned earlier, they claim to have a clear mandate of only working for issues of Women, which itself is a farce, the real intention of this lawyers organization is to wreck havoc and destruction in India’s well serving family system which is acting as micro welfare units leaving the country to deal with other aspects of our nations developmental and security issues, etc.).

It is in this context that Protect Indian Family Foundation has decided to issue this press release, to expose and STOP the sinister plans by a well-funded(by the European Union and possibly the various UN agencies too), but clearly self-propagating and ill-intentioned group of lawyers known by the name “Human Rights Law Network”( We appeal to the 4th estate to do what they do best, help the public to know about this destructive trend which is being passed off as legal rights awareness campaign, but which actually is clearly provoking public into unwarranted mentalities and over-legalisation of simple inter-personal interaction and issues arising out of domestic relationships, most of which can be solved with extra judiciary, community-based , but proactive/early interventions by normal citizens who are empowered and encouraged to solve such problems which usually come to their attention. We on our part will be demanding(vide a signature campaign) the CLOSURE of such socially destructive organization in the interest of Indian Society, well-being of Indian Citizens and Nation’s Development.

Instead of having a preventive, proactive and innovative ideas, this organization- HRNL is spreading gender-hatred, divisionary, non-tolerant views on domestic relationship issues, which will only prove to be highly detrimental to India’s coveted family system.

We appeal to the media to highlight these extremely disturbing trends of wrecking families in the name of CURATIVE LEGAL ACTIVISM, which is sure to wipe out many a families which have solvable domestic relationship issues which can be salvaged by simple methods like in-depth
counseling and methods of relationship management apart from improving personal effectiveness by adopting techniques of compassion while being assertive about any ‘violation’ to persons involved in a domestic relationship. Save Indian Family (SIF) is a strong team of dedicated families comprising of victims of \”misuse of 498a and other Gender biased Women-Protection laws like Dowry Prohibition Act, Domestic Violence Act, etc.\”, including NRIs, Senior citizens who campaign and create awareness about gross injustice and abuse that happen in Indian Legal system. SIF has over 30 NGOs and 50,000 families as its
members across the globe. Protect Indian Family Foundation (PIFF), Mumbai is a member NGO of the SIF network, based in Mumbai, looking after related issues for entire Maharashtra and beyond.

Save Indian Family(SIF) is a strong team of dedicated families comprising of victims of \”misuse of 498a and other Gender biased Women-Protection laws like Dowry Prohibition Act, Domestic Violence Act, etc.\”, including NRIs, Senior citizens who campaign and create awareness about gross injustice and abuse that happen in Indian Legal system. SIF has over 30 NGOs and 50,000 individuals as its members across the globe. Family(India) Life Line, Kochi is a member NGO affiliated and form of the SIF global network.

NB: Please note that FILL members had attended the seminar \”National Consulation on Domestic Violence\”, 1st day session held on 29th November, Saturday, 2008, at \”Ashir Bhavan\”, Near Kacheripadi junction/North railway station, Kochi. We are ready for any clarifications regarding references, Identities, etc., which the media personnel may have in this regard.

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2 thoughts on “HRLN Press Release by Family(India) Life Line

  1. Could be a new strategy of feminists – to make their organisations sound as ‘neutral’ as possible.

    THIS new ‘Trojan’ method, should be brought wider publicity, if possible through the media.

  2. HRLN is an offshoot of Lawyer’s collective, headed by Indira Jaisingh. Lawyer’s collective just received around Rs.70 Lakhs from UN funds!.

    This offshoot called HRLN seeks funds from EU(European Union), this is a clear begging bowl strategy to maximise the number of funding agencies which these FAMILY-DESTRUCTING organisations, swarming with lawyers, can beg from.

    We need to ensure the closure of such blood-sucking, family-destructing lawyers organisations trying to pass off as welfare/women organisations

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