Human trafficking/slavery as Dowry from Nepal:Balangir scion gets a royal dowry — Nepali humans!

All in India agree that Dowry is a Social Evil.
All in India that Human Trafficking and Slavery is a Social evil and crime.

In a twisted tale, a Nepali family of seven members has been gifted as DOWRY for the rest of their lives.
Human Rights organizations can please verify and take action against the parties under Dowry Act and Human Rights Act to see whether the rights of this family is being violated by perpetual slavery. And the Government of India can inform the Nepali government to see whether any laws in human traficking and Dowry are being violated in Nepal. Has this family signed a document signing off their lives in bondage and suppression to this rich family.
Dear PM, President and law-makers, please take note of this act against the Spirit of Indian Constitution.

And will L K Advani, the defender for monarchy of Nepal speak up FOR or AGAINST such evil customs.

Balangir scion gets a royal dowry — humans!
29 Jan 2009
BALANGIR: Can dowry be human? Unbelievable, but true in royal tradition and culture which has been percolating down the ages.

When Balangir royal scion Kalikesh Narayan Singhdeo, Saintala MLA and son of Works Minister A U Singhdeo, tied the knot with Meghana Rana, a member of Rana royal family of Nepal, he got a family of seven Nepalese in dowry! The family accompanied the bride and they will be here for ever to serve Kalikesh and his wife.


Interestingly, long after the abolition of princely states and kingship, this royal family in Balangir has been following the royal tradition in all their social functions.

The Nepalese family is now settled in Balangir royal palace. Sources said Meghna

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