Husband killed by wife, her paramour

If women die Natural death also in india, thats termed as Dowry Death, Murder by default and coupled with many other IPCs, to charge husband.
but Husband killed, wife is charged only with Murder, and can be released if she says situation provoked her to kill her husband, and the situation is Husband caught her red handed with her lover.

Here is TRUE story.

NAGPUR: Nagpur rural police arrested a woman and her paramour for allegedly murdering the former’s husband on Sunday at Kelwad village.

Sources said that Kamalakar Uike (35) and his wife Asha (22) used to stay a rented house of one Pandhari Kubade in Kelwad. The husband-wife duo used to work in the latter’s farm. On Sunday morning, Asha came home running and informed Kubade that her husband had died while working in the field.

Kubade informed Kelwad police, who came to the spot and investigated the matter. They subsequently arrested Asha and one Dnyaneshwar Dawale (27), paramour of Asha. Dawale used his scarf to strangle Kamalakar to death. Offences have been registered against both the accused

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