Wife commits suicide after killing husband

Ghaziabad, June 17  A heated argument led a 40-year-old woman to commit suicide by hanging herself after she killed her husband with a mallet here, police said Wednesday.
The incident occurred Tuesday night in Shalimar Extension in Ghaziabad, police added.
Vimla got into an argument with her husband Ram Prakash Maurya, 45, when he refused
to accompany her for a walk. In a fit of rage Vimla picked up the mallet from the kitchen and banged it on her husband’s head, police said.
Maurya died of the injury and Vimla hung herself from the ceiling fan. Their three children, six-year-old Aryan, four-year-old Sanchita and two-and-a-half-year-old Yachita were sleeping in the next room, police added.
On Wednesday morning when the maid came to the house, she said that no one opened the door despite her repeated knocking. The maid then, called the police and when they opened the door, they found the bodies of the husband and wife and the children asleep in the next room.
The children told the police that their mother had hit their father with the mallet Tuesday night, police said.
“A case has been registered and the bodies have been sent for post mortem examination,” a police officer said.

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