Husband liable to maintain estranged wife, says court

Under GREAT Laws of Indian, no need to say, biased against men, Even wife Run away with her lover, and live separatly, her own, Or man catch her Red handed with her Lover, also Indian courts force men to pay her.

Here is another Example, Indian Judicairy gone to DOGS.

This is an obvious case of gross injustice or miscarriage of justice where a man has the legal and moral liability even without income and property. What is gender equality for? Let the courts and the govt. strip off article 14 of the constitution [Equality before law]if they want men to be discriminated. This is a shame on the judiciary and on the principles of equality of gender. When women have the same opportunities as men and when they can earn like men, why should men pay alimony?

The media should highlight this injustice to men. If this continues, it is better for men to go to prostitutes and it works out much cheaper and economical besides it gets a man a choice every week instead of getting stuck with one arrogant woman!

A man is liable to maintain his estranged wife even if he does not possess any property or does not have a regular source of income, a Delhi court has said.

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