Husband to pay 60% of salary as maintenance

A city court has ordered a man to pay maintenance of more than half of his monthly salary to his wife after divorce.

Manoj Rathi, who earns Rs 2,000 a month, was asked by Judge Vineeta Goyal to give his wife Rs 1,200 for the maintenance of their child after divorce on July 11.

Ironically, the wife, Nalini, earns Rs 9,000 per month, which is almost five times her husband’s salary.

Nalini had filed a petition against Rathi under the Hindu Marriage Act to pass a decree of divorce and to receive maintenance for their child. She had alleged that her husband mistreated her and her family and demanded excessive dowry and gifts. Nalini also claimed that she was beaten by her husband when she refused get the dowry.

Rathi has agreed to pay the maintenance amount as well as the arrears within three months from the date.

This is GREAT law system of India. copied from British.

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