husbands property ke liye kuch bi karega

So called Innocent, Victims of domestic violence, women of India (As NCW / Feminist Call) can do anything for few Rupees;

Even Ready to kill 6 Year old Girl Child…

Criminals, still Innocent; NCW is trying hard to eMpower them.

NEWS Follows.

New Delhi, May 20 (IANS) A woman has been arrested here for abducting and murdering her six-year-old step daughter to gain her first husband’s property, police said Monday.

Praveen, 30, was arrested Sunday from northeast Delhi for kidnapping and killing Shabana Friday.

Police said Praveen took the girl to a cemetery, forced soil into Shabana’s mouth and closed it with her hands, suffocating her. The six-year-old choked to death.

Praveen then removed the child’s undergarments to mislead the police that she was raped and murdered.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (northeast Delhi) Jaspal Singh said medical reports confirmed that the girl was not raped.

Police said Praveen got married to Aziz in 1992 and they subsequently had four children. They were divorced in 1996 and she married Mohammed Arif, who is presently in jail.

Aziz later married Nahida in 2001 and Shabana was their daughter. Nahida died following an illness after which Aziz and Praveen were in touch again.

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