Tongue has no Bone

Tongue has no bone, This say perfectly suits to Indian women….

She can deny anything, after commiting crime, and thats valid in india.
She can kill her husband and blame the situation made her to kill her Husband [ situation is, her husband caught her RedHanded with her Lover]

Here one more situation, a women get marry someone and all marriage photos shows, she is with sound health, not drugged or blackmailed but later she can deny that she was not aware of the situation….

Thats Great Indian women….

News Follows….

Mumbai:Mahesh Rane (28), a gym instructor, says he is paying the price for marrying a policeman’s daughter. Rane, who claimed he had married Priyanka Ingle (22), the daughter of Amravati ACP Narayan Ingle, was arrested on Sunday night for trespassing into Priyanka’s house.

Said Mahesh, “Priyanka called me, saying she was being held captive at her home. I tried to enter her house from the back, but the servant alerted the Bhoiwada police and I was arrested.”

But Mahesh said his woes didn’t end there. “Priyanka’s father beat me up in the lock up. I have injuries on my back and head,” he alleged. He was let out on a bail of Rs 10,000.

According to Mahesh, Priyanka and he had been in a relationship for about six years before they got married on March 19 at the Parel Hindu Sabha Hall.

‘I was drugged’

Priyanka, however, claimed she didn’t remember marrying Mahesh. She alleged that she had been drugged and said she was shocked to see photos of the marriage. She told MiD DAY, “I don’t accept the marriage. I don’t remember getting married to him. He has fabricated the entire thing. He used to show me the photos and blackmail me for money. I did not tell my parents till it got out of hand and his lawyer sent me a notice demanding that I return to Mahesh’s house.”

Priyanka’s parents said she used to help Mahesh with money and the marriage wasn’t solemnised in court. “He used to tell people that she was his golden goose. He is jobless and wants to use my daughter for money. He thinks he can defame us by approaching the media. We will take legal action. He is a tapori. How could he even think of calling himself my daughter’s husband?” said ACP Ingle.

But Mahesh maintained, “Priyanka is depressed. I never took money from her. I told her I would never take anything from her family. Even after all this, I love her and will never divorce her. I hope someone helps me meet her soon. I pray that she comes back to me.”

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