Nagpur: Man held for raping niece, Girl pregnant

In a shocking development, a 42 year old pervert raped his own niece and got her pregnant. Austrian Josef Fritzl is not the only monster prowling and committing incest on their family members.

Nagpur: Man held for raping niece
31 December 2008.
NAGPUR: In a tragic incident, a 42-year-old man was arrested by Sakkardara police for raping his 17-year-old niece. The minor is a resident of
Thane while Mohammad Hafiz Shabbir, the accused, lives with his wife in the city.

Shabbir asked his wife to call her sister

2 thoughts on “Nagpur: Man held for raping niece, Girl pregnant

  1. medical examination revealed that she was pregnant. Upon questioning the girl broke down in front of her parents and told them the whole affair.

    She told her parents when she found she was CAUGHT although she was being raped for SIX MONTHS.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Somnath. The relationship is one of Incest. The Uncle had a Responsibility of guardianship, and was an experienced man of 42 years. It is difficult for Victims of abuse (under oppressive relationships) to speak up because of denial and shock. Please refer to a more severe case, mentioned under “Elizabeth Fritzl speaks”. It was an incestuous relationship under slavery, which resulted in 7 pregnancies. Unfortunately, India has no Governmental Child protection agencies right now.

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