We are believers...
Believers in the bounty of Nature...
...in the Power of Science.

We believe in making ancient Ayurveda and modern-day Science work together to offer our consumers holistic Health and Well-Being.

We believe that goodness should be reflected in our every action......that goodness is something that’s not only worth sharing with the World but also helps make the world a better place.

At Dabur, our endeavour is to maintain the perfect harmony between nature and mankind while we go about our business of delivering the best nature-based solutions for the everyday health and personal care needs of our consumers across the globe.

Sustainability is at the heart of our operations and also embedded in our products. The concept of sustainability is incorporated into the core of our business and has been expanded to encompass our aspirations and responsibilities to the society and to the environment.

Every action at Dabur is a step towards a sustainable future.

This is what keeps us going every day...

Financial Performance Disclosures

Dabur Trivia

Dabur Chyawanprash


teaspoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash consumed a day

Dabur Honey


spoons of Dabur Honey consumed every day

Dabur Pudin Hara


usage occasions of Pudin Hara every day

Dabur Hajmola


tablets of Hajmola are consumed every day

Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Amla Hair Oil


Champi (Hair Massage) done every day with Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Lal Tail


baby massages done every day using Dabur Lal Tail

Dabur Red Paste

Dabur Red Paste


people brush their teeth every day with Dabur Red Paste

Real Juice

Dabur Real Juice


glasses of Real juice & beverages consumed every day in India

Our Power Brands

Dabur today operates in key consumer product categories like Health Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, Skin Care, Home Care, Hygiene and Food & Beverages. We have identified 9 Power Brands that together account for 70% of our Total Sales. These include 8 brands in India and one in the overseas markets.

The eight Power Brands in India are: Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, Dabur Honitus, Dabur PudinHara and Dabur Lal Tail in the Healthcare space; Dabur Amla and Dabur Red Paste in the Personal Care category; and Real in the Food & Beverages space. Vatika is the only International Power Brad offering a range of natural Personal Care products. Of these Amla, Vatika, Real and Dabur Red Paste are 1,000 Crore brands.

As part of the Power Brand strategy, Dabur has been investing disproportionately behind these brands, expanding the portfolio with the launch of new variants and formats, besides expanding their retail presence across markets. The intent is to invest in improving their visibility, enhancing distribution and driving innovation through new products, variants and format launches, while growing their salience with millennials and Gen-Z consumers. The exercise paid off with the Power Brands growing at a fast pace.

Our Presence

Our Performance Scorecard

Our Performance Scorecard

Message from Management

Mr. Mohit Burman


Chairman's Message

I am honoured to write to you for the first time as the Chairman of Dabur Inda Limited. As I take on the role of the Chairman, I feel immense pride in what our organization has already accomplished, how we have upheld our promise of delivering Health and Well-being to every Household, and I am equally enthusiastic about what the future holds for us.

The past few years have been a period of great contrasts… demanding and satisfying in equal measure. The COVID-19 pandemic fuelled an unprecedented innovation drive that saw Dabur display unparalleled agility to roll out a plethora of purposeful,consumer-centric introductions, rapidly adopt digital advancements and technologies to strengthen its go-to-market strategies while deepening its focus on People and Planet with enhanced investments in creating a greener enterprise. These measures not only helped us survive the pandemic but also emerge stronger and better.

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Q&A session with CEO

We firmly believe that innovation will continue to be a vital driver of growth for us.

In FY 2022-23, the global supply chain faced disruptions due to geopolitical issues, which resulted in significant increases in commodity prices. This, in turn, led to unprecedented levels of inflation worldwide. Although inflation started to wane towards the end of the year, pockets of stress remained. In response to this inflationary pressure, central banks around the world raised interest rates, causing a slowdown in demand and currency challenges in key markets. Syndicated data showed volume decline across the FMCG sector in India during the first nine months of the year. However, there was some growth observed in the later part of the fourth quarter, mainly driven by the food sector. Rural markets lagged urban markets due to high inflation and consumers shifting to lower-priced alternatives.

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Integrated Reporting Capitals

Stakeholder Engagement

Dabur India Ltd is today the world's largest natural and Ayurvedic products maker, delivering holistic health and well-being to a highly diverse set of consumers spread over 120 countries across four continents. Across all our businesses and operations, we have been working towards achieving profitable growth in an ethical, environmentally and socially responsible manner. As a purpose-led enterprise, we strive to create value by balancing the different needs of our stakeholders.

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Materiality Asesssment

Our manufacturing assets and supply chain network are key to our achieving manufacturing and operational excellence as we work towards creating efficacious nature-based products to meet the varied needs of our consumers across the globe. Our tech-enabled manufacturing capabilities give us a big competitive advantage as we implement global best practices at our manufacturing facilities and locations and invest in innovation to retain and grow our market share.

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Value Creation Paradigm and Strategy

Over the past 139 years, Dabur has built on its reputation of being the Most Trusted and the World’s Largest Natural and Ayurvedic Healthcare company, by developing and successfully introducing products based on Ayurveda to offer our consumers holistic health and well-being. We maintain an edge over our competitors with our over a century long heritage and our highly differentiated brands in the marketplace. While a lot of companies today offer herbal or Ayurvedic products, Dabur enjoys the consumer's trust because of its Ayurvedic heritage. Consumers understand that if a product comes from the House of Dabur, it is truly natural, and of the best quality at the right price.

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Corporate Governance

The name Dabur evokes the feeling of ‘Trust’ in the minds of our consumers and also our investors. As a publicly traded Company, Dabur India Ltd is committed to conduct business with integrity and ensuring adherence to all laws and regulations and achieving highest standards of Corporate Governance. The Company has set the highest standards in transparency to not just maintain but also grow the confidence of all its stakeholders.

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Risk Management

Evaluation of opportunities and risks is a constantly evolving field. Dabur recognizes that in the normal course of operations, its activities are routinely exposed to the risks that are both global and local in nature. We proactively seek to identify, manage and, wherever possible, mitigate these risks to the extent possible. At Dabur, we follow an institutionalised ‘Dabur Risk Management Framework’ that allows us to identify risks impacting our business and deploy organization-wide processes for managing these risks.

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Financial Capital

At Dabur, we recognise that ensuring the stability of our financial base is key to realising our growth ambitions and creating value for all our stakeholders. Our financial capital helps us create a solid foundation for sustained, profitable growth. Our financial position continues to strengthen with every passing year. We have a robust financial management process that assesses the requirement of funds for sustainable business operations as well as for investments towards business sustainability and growth opportunities.

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Manufactured Capital

Our manufacturing assets and supply chain network are key to our achieving manufacturing and operational excellence as we work towards creating efficacious nature-based products to meet the varied needs of our consumers across the globe. Our tech-enabled manufacturing capabilities give us a big competitive advantage as we implement global best practices at our manufacturing facilities and locations and invest in innovation to retain and grow our market share.

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Human Capital

Dabur strives to provide a safe, vibrant and rewarding environment for each member of our over 7,500 Dabur family. Our diverse, experienced and talented employees are our strength in this highly competitive and volatile world. They play a key role in seamless driving of our operations, developing and delivering nature-based solutions on time, every time, with their passion, excellence and innovative spirit.

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Natural Capital

Our Natural Capital reflects our commitment to become Climate Positive and leave a Greener Planet for Future Generations. At Dabur, we strive to consistently improve environmental performance of our manufacturing operations, products and supply chain. Our responsibility includes managing our environmental footprint to create a positive impact on the environment and support a lowcarbon economy.

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Social & Relationship Capital

Dabur is committed to establishing an ecosystem of trust-based relationships with our billions of consumers and the community. We work to foster relationships that are built on Trust. In our 139-year-long journey, we have built an ecosystem based on strong and lasting relations with our stakeholders, including supply chain partners, consumers and communities. At Dabur, we are committed to ensuring that its core our values of Trust, Respect and Care are upheld in our relationships with all our stakeholders as we work towards bringing to life our Vision of being 'Dedicated to the Health & Well-Being of every Household'.

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Intellectual Capital

In every stage of our 139-year-long journey, we have been embracing technological developments to drive innovation. We encourage our people to nurture andimplement innovative ideas, which will lead to operational improvements acrossour operations. We believe in accumulating and leveraging our 139-year-longexperience and heritage, our wealth of knowledge, strong brand recall, focus onquality and distribution might to enhance our Corporate Value.

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