Marriage a ‘Relation’ or ‘Profession’ for Indian Women

Indian women are increasingly considering their marriage to be a highly profitable profession and not a relation as it used to be.

The recent case of an extremely successful “professional wife” is Kausar Begum has highlighted this grave concern where this woman using the marital laws to trap and harass innocent husbands has made a fortune worth crores . Kausar who cal also hold the dubious distinction of most “harassed woman” of India has made more money through marriage than many highly successful career oriented men would have dreamt making in their 10 lives. Not only did she extort 10’s of lakhs of rupees through each false dowry cases, she also was awarded alimony by the Indian Judiciary in most of the cases. Kausar is just an extreme example of modern Indian women who look at marriage as just a venture to make money and then leave her husband and in-laws. The only difference between Kausar and the other women is that she did not stop at one or two men but went on and on till she was caught . Kausar is not just one of the millions of Indian women who misuse the biased Indian marital laws for their own vicious desires.

Helping the women of India in their nefarious activities are the marital laws of India which originally intended to protect them are misused in almost 100% of cases. These laws are misused more in the

The Anti Dowry law: – Leading the pack among the biased laws is the infamous Anti Dowry law . Tons of ink has been spilled on the misuse of the law and it has so infamous that the American State department too has issued a warning to its citizens marrying in India . The government claims that 98% of the cases under this act are filed with malafide intentions . The Supreme Court has called the misuse of this law “legal Terrorism ” .The Indian Government and the National Commission of Women although know very well about the misuse of the law , but refuse to change or modify it , due to reasons known best to them

The Domestic Violence act :- Another horribly biased act created by the Indian Government to for women like Kausar Begum to Misuse . This law basically assumes that the woman is always telling the truth and allows the woman to claim compensation from the Man even before the allegations are proved . Further the law allows the woman to annex the family residence of the man even before the allegations are proved .Thousands of young men and their elderly parents have been “Legally” thrown out their residence by their unscrupulous wives by misusing this law .

Alimony Laws and Divorce laws: – The Indian judiciary believes that wives only have rights in a marriage and husbands have duties. Not surprisingly the wives treat Indian men as Free ATM machines and extort money through the Alimony and Divorce laws and the Judiciary supports this behavior . Women are always treated as the abused and men are abusers . The Judiciary fails to the see the fact that the women of India marriage has become a profession where they sit at home and make more tax free money that they could ever imagine to make in their careers.

Now you know, Every Indian women has motive, supported by Biased laws, courtesy NCW/WCD, anyone proving us wrong then show us women married poor man, or below her standard.

For Indian women its pure money minded business, if marriage fails they the the winner, if Stay married they treat husband as FREE ATM Machine.


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