Men Life has no Value in India ?

If a women commit suicide in india, Media make big issue out of nothing, Her parents will tell by default its a Dowry Death; Police will take action and arrest all members of Husband.

But in reality, more men than women commit suicide because of stress of marital life, and no one reports.

Here is news of Women Suicide and the TRUTH, why more men commite sucide.

New Delhi, Nov 17 2008 A married woman commited suicide at her homes in the national capital Sunday, the police said.

According to the police, Saroj, 25, committed suicide around 11 a.m. by hanging herself from a ceiling fan when she was alone at her house in NDMC colony near Mandir Marg area of New Delhi.

Her parents alleged that she committed suicide due to dowry harassment by her in-laws.

However, her husband Rajesh, a sweeper with the New Delhi Municipal Corporation, told the police that Saroj was in depression as she had no child even after four years of marriage. She was reportedly under medication for not being able to conceive.

And the TRUTH is

Indian Men are leading a troubled and stressed out life and as per National Crime Records Bureau, almost 75000 men committed suicide in 2006. This is almost 80% more than women who have committed suicide (app. 42000).

The age-wise break up is as follows:

We can see that almost 60% of suicide by men is by those falling under the age bracket of 30-59 years. These are the prime years for any man, when he gets married, sets up his family. He slogs all these years to give a comfortable life to his wife, parents, best education to his children and an assurance of comfortable life to his family in old age. This is an enormous burden and herculean responsibility, in fact a job of a super human, but, we all now, he never complains about it. Delivering a super human responsibility by a normal human, does take a toll and puts enormous pressure on him, which he many find it difficult to cope up with, gets frustrated and hopeless to take drastic step as that of committing suicide. We can very well see that almost 136% more men commit suicide than women in this age bracket of 30-59 years. This is more than double and simply startling.

Just to have a look at the suicide rates by marital status:

We see that 86% more married men have committed suicide in 2006 compared to married women in the same year. In fact, for never married status also, more men have committed suicide (77% more) than women. As already status above, married men are under more stress due to super human responsibility they carry leading to more suicide committed by them. Even, unmarried men are always under pressure to fulfil their role i. e of taking care of their parents.

There are various reasons why men commit suicide. Some of them are Illness, Family Problems, Bankruptcy or Sudden Change in Economic Status, unemployment, poverty, love affairs etc. It is important to note that the chief reason that drives men towards suicide is Family Problem (Refer Annexure 1: NCRB data for 2006). Almost, 25% of suicides by men (18672) was due to family problems in 2006.

Age-wise break up is as follows:

More than 50% more men committed suicide due to family problems in 2006. In fact, more than 60% of the suicides were by the men falling under the age group of 30-59 years. As it is also clear, more than double the men committed suicide than women in this age bracket due to family problems. This throws up a very important question:


We, Save Family Foundation (a registered NGO), conducted a study on Domestic Violence against Men along with MyNation Foundation (A registered NGO). This was an online survey, where the respondents were Indian Husbands from all economic and social strata though most of them belonged to middle class and upper middle class. The result of the study though not unexpected but was startling as more than 98% of respondents had suffered domestic violence more than once in their life.

(Refer Annexure 2 for Full Study Report on Domestic Violence against Men).

Our study simply confirms to the NCRB report on suicides of men due to family problems. We find that men in the age group 30-59 years, not only shoulder super human responsibilities but are also invariably subjected to domestic violence in the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse and sexual abuse. No wonder, they are killing themselves like nine pins.

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