Indias Progress Report

If we look at the statistics, we find that New Delhi leads with the highest number of divorces in the country, with more than 8,000-9,000 cases every year, followed by Mumbai and Bangalore with 4,000 and 5,000 cases per year. Even in Kerala, the most literate state in India accounts for an increase of 350 per cent in the last 10 years, while Punjab and Haryana have recorded 150 per cent increase. The judge of a matrimonial court commented that there used to be one to two cases in the 1960s, 100-200 in 1980s, about 1,000 in 1990s, but now it has increased to about 9,000 cases per annum.

I Asked Old women, why this is happening ?
Listen SON, this is all because of modern girls;
They do not want to listen, Education and financial FREEDOM made them to think, they can do anything.They dream they are superior to men. and there are laws to support them.
Olden days, men never entered kitchen but todays men know how to cook and clean and do house hold things, still there is rise in divorce rate, with this you can make out who is responsible for most of the divorces.
Ask todays girls, how many of them know how to cook,most of them never went to kitchen,nor thier mothers do not teach them.

If you read news Paper, everyday you will find many articles,
Married women having Affairs,
Married women run away with lover,
Married women killed husband with the help of parmor.

My father gave 12 Rupees dowry and 2 Bags of Rice and a cow when i got married,but this dowry never made an issue. but i know one boy and his parents went to jail, even they never took or demanded any dowry from girl.

And our neighbour girl came back from her husband house,and filed false case on them,she was telling,husband made her work like a slave,but i know at husband home there are 2 servent for house hold things, and boy mother cooks, even she is old.

This is the reality, Son.
The Supreme Court

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