Hot iron rods pressed on 16-month-old to cure fever

This is how Children in india, treated, and the Millions of Dollar children grant goes to Ministers Swiss Bank accounts. These Children comissions / ministries barge into action on men only, even they are not wrong.

RAIPUR: A 16-month-old baby in a Chhattisgarh village was shockingly subjected to treatment by hot iron rods, leaving burn marks on his body – all to cure the child of fever and vomiting!

The small boy was given the hot iron rod treatment about 100 times by villagers with the consent of his parents in Surjula village in Jashpur district, some 450 km from here, health officials said.

The villagers who treated 16-month-old Deepak told the family that the baby was possessed by a ghost and the only cure was to press hot iron rods on his body.

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