ISIS / ISIL a Western Conspiracy.

This theory according to Ahmed, a Kuwaiti Muslim. He is well educated and moderate in his views when he meet us; I know him for many years but he never expressed any extreme views till today.

When i asked what he think about ISIS and their beheading…?

He said that’s not true; ISIS follow sharia. All these beheading and other news is a Western conspiracy to Protect Israel.

Jihadi John is a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). His ascent sound like a British national or educated in UK and is known for his role of apparently beheading several innocent. He is believed to be responsible for the beheading of US journalists James Foley, Steven Sotloff, British aid workers David Haines, Alan Henning.

22-year-old Maxime Hauchard a French Christian and most of the ISIS member seen in Syrian soldier beheading are westerners.

In all these videos they speak Fluent English with western Ascent, they are not really ISIS/ISIL videos, they made by American media to mislead the World.

Why none of the videos shows real Muslim killing or beheading why all are Westerners. ? All these news and videos are created by west

Anyway, everyone knows the truth, as million yezidi and Iraqi Christians witnessed masacare of Innocent by ISIS.

Above theory is promoted by fundamentalists to get more supporters for ISIS.

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