What is alimony, Dear ? I just quit my job

At last Indian judiciary wokenup from its slumber sleep, where women was getting alimony even she left her own, Runaway with parmor and just to get Alimony they used to leave their well paid job, and there is a limit for everything, this rampat misuse and blind eye of judiciary had its day when women petition for Alimony, rejected.

It is said “HAR EK KUTTI KA DIN AATHA HAI” NCW/WCD support for women to misuse provision of law at last paidoff.

NEW DELHI: A woman has been denied alimony from her estranged husband by a Delhi court after it discovered she deliberately left her job to become eligible for the sum.

Refusing to order the woman’s husband to pay her maintenance, the court noted she had concealed facts. Metropolitan magistrate Shivali Sharma noted that she had left her job and later took admission at a private university just to claim maintenance.

“Since the petitioner(woman) has not given any reason for leaving her job and joining the university, it prima facie appears that her act of leaving her job was primarily on account of making her eligible for claiming maintenance,” the court concluded and rejected her plea for interim maintenance.

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