What if Muammar Gaddafi join al-Qaeda ?

Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s strongman, who severely cracked-down on rebels for demanding his ouster and inflicted a wide humanitarian and economic crisis had recently launched barrage of threats after days of his ouster by victorious rebels.

An Arab satellite television aired an audio tape of defiant Gaddafi in which he says, “Prepare yourselves for a gang and guerrilla war, for urban warfare and popular resistance in every town … to defeat the enemy everywhere.” [Read: Muammar Gaddafi remains defiant, vows to fight back]

This incident reminds of Gaddafi’s earlier threat to form an alliance with al-Qaeda, which he had previously blamed responsible for domestic uprising, and to rage a “holy war”, if USA and other western powers continued its attacks on Libya, supporting dissents. Moreover, he abounded his Tripoli compound, seized by rebel fighters, claiming a ‘tactical withdrawal’. [Read: Gaddafi threatens West with al Qaeda alliance] 

Yes, after learning his recent threats it raises a fearful question, what if  Gaddafi had joined dreadful terrorists outfit al-Qaeda to revenge rebels and to launch hidden attacks? So far there are no reports to confirm this speculation. But, it could have indeed ignited a nightmare for world leaders, by the time.

However, one thing is pretty clear, if fugitive Gaddafi is not stopped, then terrible attacks could be expected against Libya, which could utterly obliterate the serenity of the land. Libya would slip into chaos and Afghanistan like situation may take over, if Gaddafi practices terrorism to show his rage or the world fails or even delays to nab him.

and ultimatly West is responsible for this situation, just like Iraq and Afghanistan, Exclaimed common libyan.

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