Controversy: Reel Oz PM draped in flag after sex in office !

Melbourne, Sep 20: A TV show, which showed a character playing the role of the Prime Minister of Australia – Julia Giliard draped in national flag after sex in office, landed in a fresh controversy.

During a comedy show, telecasted in ABC TV, showed the reel Giliard her partner Tim Mathieson canoodling on the floor of the PM’s office, using the Australian flag as a sheet.

However, the ABC overruled all controversy while defending the disputed scene.” A spokesperson from the comedy show has been quoted as saying, “If it’s OK for others to drape themselves in our flag for all manner of occasions, I really don’t see why it can’t be draped over our prime minister as a symbol of love.”

Despite ABC’s clarification, the scene of the comic show faced criticism. Showing the “lack of respect” in the scene, monarchist Professor David Flint said, “I think a bit more discretion when using the flag is appropriate, even when you are trying to make a joke.”

“(National flag should not) fall or lie on the ground or be used as a cover (although it can be used to cover a coffin at a funeral),” added a government protocol officer.

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