School-teacher Plots with Lover to Kill Husband

Karkala, Apr 18 : A school-teacher serving an honorary job at Nellikar and also a member of Edu gram panchayat living in Hosmar, Edu is said to have plotted with her paramour to get rid of her husband.

Shekhar Poojary (43), running a tailoring shop in Moodbidri, had been married to Geeta for 15 years and had two children. Geeta is said to have developed illicit liaison with one Satish, who spent a lot of time with her in the husband’s absence. Shekhar is said to have come to know about their relatiionship and they both get into quarrels over the matter.

During the past days, Geeta is said to h\ave plotted to kill him with the help of Satish. As planned in advance, she went to visit her uncle with children. When Shekhar was alone, Satish came and killed him by hitting him. Then he hanged the body with a rope to make it appear to be a case of suicide.

When neighbours spotted the body hanging, they informed the police. When injury marks were found on Shekhar’s body, they suspected it to be a murder. Gathering all information, they summoned the wife and interrogated her. She is said to have confessed to have planned and collaborated in the killing of her husband.

Satish is said to have been absconding.

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  1. The irony of all this is that the Indian laws support crimes committed by women. If a woman dies unnaturally, the entire family of the man is arrested without any investigation and put behind bars without any bail. While if the man dies unnaturally, the woman is given life insurance benefits along with the man’s property. Let alone arresting the woman for her misdeeds. This is called gender equality.

  2. Married men are twice as vulnerable to suicide due to Domestic Violence compared to married women:———–The suicide statistics for the year 2009 for India are out as published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) – a unit of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

    A glimpse of the figures is

    Unmarried boys – 17738.
    Unmarried girls – 10063.
    Husbands – 58192
    Wives – 31300
    Widower – 2848
    Widowed – 2674
    Divorcee (male) – 635
    Divorcee (female) – 613
    Separated (male) – 2058
    Separated (female) – 1030
    1. Total (male) – 8147 2. Total (female) – 45680

    Ratio: Male : Female Suicides 2009=178 males :100 females.

    Some more facts:

    One married man commits suicides every 9 Minutes and 20 seconds.
    Difference between suicides of men and women is substantial only when the wife is associated (literally/legally) with the man – refer suicide statistics of married men/women and separated men/women.
    Since the 63 years of Indian independence, not a single rupee has been allocated / spent for men’s welfare.
    Indian Govt. has no National Commission for Men to look into issues of men.
    Men pay close to 82% of all the taxes collected and pay more tax at the same salary levels compared to women.
    Indian Govt. has a welfare ministry for children, women and even animals but not for men.
    Indian men face the brunt of 15 anti-male gender obsessed unconstitutional laws which treat all men as criminals and “Guilty until Proven Innocent”. These laws are just a tool of extortion to be used against innocent men. More are in pipeline.
    Men are subjected to rampant domestic violence which kills on an average 14,791 Indian husbands annually. (Refer section on Domestic Violence below.)
    Men are forced to live a “sub-human” existence with social memes like “Male Dominated World” and “Women Empowerment” which quintessentially gags the communication channel for men and leads to infringement of their basic human and constitutional rights.
    Most risky, menial and dangerous jobs like firefighting, army, police, plumbing, climbing buildings, working in mines, working in hotel kitchens, working in railway pantries, distributing newspapers early morning, and so on and so forth are thrust onto men sans any recognition. Men are like salt in food, whose presence is mandatory yet inconspicuous.
    Men face 3 times more chance of getting killed in a road accident and 5 times more chance of getting kidnapped and yet there is no exclusive law to protect men – rather there are anti-male laws to persecute men.
    More male children die compared to female children during child birth.
    Men face unwarranted “media-trials” and “media-convictions” becoming a prey to the trend of “alarmism” because on one hand where the media happily brandishes men as criminals and aggressors, most irresponsibly it does not make amends when the same men are found innocent later on.
    The above facts corroborate the figures by NCRB as when men are being subjected to such discriminatory attitudes, little options are left before men but to commit suicide as we see that in all categories, suicides by men are higher than women if not equal.

    Domestic Violence – The numero uno killer for men:

    As per the suicide analysis done by NCRB, family problems, family disputes and domestic violence is the single largest factor responsible for suicides. Almost 30% of the suicides are happening due to family problems and related stress. As the total number of suicides by married men is 58,192; the number of married men committing suicides directly due to Domestic Violence would be 17,458. As compared to 1996 there has been 44% increase in suicides overall. Hence, at least 12,124 married men would have committed suicide in 1996 directly due to Domestic Violence.

    Taking a mean of the two extremes, on an average 14,791 men have committed suicide directly due to Domestic Violence year by year. Taking the total of 13 years from 1996-2009, we get, that in 13 years, 192,283 i.e. One Lac Ninety Two Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Three married men have committed suicide directly due to Domestic Violence.

    Equivalent figures for women would work out to 103,248 i.e. One Lac Three Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Eight.

    Hence, we see that not only in overall suicides, but also in suicides due to Domestic Violence, men are twice as vulnerable to lose their lives compared to women and instead of protection, men are offered persecution!

    These figures should suffice to suppress any and all voices of dissent against men’s rights movement and men’s issues and for the Govt. of India to form a National Commission for Men and a Men’s Welfare Ministry.

    Is anyone listening?

  3. They say it is a man’s world. I disagree. Since childhood men are discriminated against and made to believe that in order to remain happy in this world they have to please the women around, be it their mother, sister, cousins, wives or girlfriends. All histrionics are women – centric and driven by their moods.

    If a woman breaks away from a relationship, she is considered liberated and her action is deemed heroic and hailed by one and all, but the same thing done by a man draws only flak. A man does not even get the consideration that he too might be suffering in the relationship and needed a breakthrough, a benefit of doubt women enjoy ubiquitously and as a de – facto privilege. As far as the woman wants to carry on in the relationship, the man is expected to compromise and make the relation work and when she does not want to do the same, allegations are transferred to the man who has to take the blame of the failed relationship and compensate for the same as well and they call it a man’s world.

    If a man breaks away from the relationship, the woman is considered a deserted victim and if a woman deserts a man then also the woman is considered as the liberated victim. If a man continues in an abusive relationship he is called an emotional fool and if a woman continues her commitment is lauded and they call it a man’s world.

    If a woman looks for a rich and wealthy man she is considered ambitious and concerned for her future. If a man looks out for a wealthy wife, he is termed greedy. If a man shows slyness towards getting married, he is non – social, non – committal and loose – focused in life, but if a woman does the same she is thinking about her life and career. If a woman passes some lewd comments to a man, she is sportive and courageous, but the same thing done by a man becomes a crime attracting strict penalties and they call it a man’s world.

    In the olden days girls were shy to speak of their own feelings and it was considered bad to approach women for relationships and we had laws formulated to protect women and it was called the era of women protection. Slowly women became more outspoken and expressed their feelings more vocally and when they felt like ending relationships and started misusing the same laws meant to protect them, we have now what we are witnessing as Women Empowerment. So where do we see a man’s voice or a say in this?

    Earlier when men used to initiate divorces, DIVORCE was considered a bad word and a social taboo. Women were provided protection in the form of alimony and maintenance. Seeing it as an easy route to tax – free money, women started initiating divorces leveling false allegations and DIVORCE is no longer considered a bad word!!! If a man is not willing to divorce his wife, he is said to have caused mental torture to the wife by denying divorce, but if a woman refuses to divorce her husband, she is said to have made attempts to save the marriage and they call it a man’s world.

    If a married woman dies, the whole family of the husband is put behind bars and denied bail. They are marked off as criminals and booked under IPC Section 304 B (Dowry Death). If a married man dies, the woman is hailed as the victim and gets everyone’s sympathy. Why is the consideration not given to the possibility of the involvement of his wife in his death, when her death is viewed with an assumption of dowry related torture? Even if there are evidences in favor of the man accused, the same are ignored and he is tried for baseless trial and they call it a man’s world.

    Men do the most risky jobs in the society, pay 82 % of taxes in India and yet neither do they have a National Commission of Men to redress their grievances nor a Welfare Ministry to look after them. Even we have animal welfare ministries but not one for men. Men are discriminated against in paying taxes as well, for women have additional tax concessions. Every year 1200 crore Rupees and this year 7200 crore Rupees have been allocated to the women ministry. Of this 82 % is paid by men and the same money is used to frame heavily lopsided laws to frame the same men and defame them and abuse them financially and they call it a man’s world.

    Even the media is highly sensitized to women’s issues. A complaint of dowry harassment is lodged and the next day, leading dailies carry the news and print it as if the reporters were staying with the couple and put allegations on the man and his family. But for a man’s case either no coverage is given, or some justification is provided to compensate the wrong – doing happening to the man and they call it a man’s world.

    Men are mass brainwashed with this euphoria that it a man’s world and so men need to protect women and in this process all that a man does is viewed with suspicion. It is high time we give a second thought to the thought, “Is it really a man’s world?” And “How difficult is it to be a man?”

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