Divorce battle over donated kidney heading to court

A New York surgeon wants his estranged wife to return the kidney he donated to her, although he said he would settle for $1.5 million in compensation instead.

When they were married, a New York doctor gave up one of his kidneys to save his ailing wife. Now they’re getting a divorce, and he wants it back.

Dr. Richard Batista said Wednesday he is suing his estranged wife, Dawnell. Since he doesn’t really expect her to return the kidney, he is demanding $1.5 million in compensation instead.

Batista claims his wife had an affair.

“There’s no deeper pain or betrayal from somebody you loved and devoted your whole life to,” he told a news conference at his lawyer’s office in Garden City on Long Island.

Batista, 49, who works for Nassau University Medical Center, said he gave his kidney to Dawnell Batista in June 2001. She filed for divorce in July 2005.

The Long Island doctor would like you to know

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