Mother kill Son to meet her Lover

When matter of LUST and money comes, Indian women is ready to do anything. not only they file false cases against husband and his family just to harass them and make easy fast money in Divorce, but ready to kill her own Son with the help of LOVER.

How can a Mother see her 4 year old’s head slashed in Front of her…?

A woman from Ajmer killed her four-year-old son with the help of her boyfriend just because he obstructed them to meet alone. A day after body of a four-year-old boy was found on road in Derathu village of Nasirabd block, the police on Saturday revealed the shocking murder mystery.

Police arrested the boy’s mother Antima Jain and detained her boyfriend Hemraj Sen for murder. Antima accepted that she along with her boyfriend Hemraj had planned to kill her son.

According to police, Antima stated that she was having an affair with Hemraj who was living in a nearby house. Whenever her husband Rajkumar Jain went to his shop, she sneaked out of the house to meet Hemraj. “Whenever I tried to meet Hemraj, my son Naitik alias Naman insisted on coming with me. He was obstructing our meeting and I was fed up with his attitude,” Antima said.

She said that she started disliking her son and tried to get rid of him and talked to Hemraj about this. “He told me that if Naman died then there will be no hindrance in their relationship,” she said.

On Saturday, when Naman was getting ready for school, Antima called Hemraj, who slashed Naman’s head in front of her. “We dumped the body on the road and Hemraj threw the head in a nearby barren land,” the woman told police.

The police solved the mystery within 12 hours and arrested the boy’s mother late on Friday night. The brutality of the incident shook not only Derathu village but the whole district.

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