Kumble ducks bouncer about Child Custody Rights of Biological Father of step-daughter

Kumble ducks bouncer about Child Custody Rights of Biological Father of step-daughter

The usually-unflappable cricketer snaps and orders not to question him on the sensitive issue

Cricket legend Anil Kumble’s battle for the custody of his stepdaughter took an epic turn with BJP strategist and former law minister Arun Jaitley stepping in as his wife’s advocate.

Documents in possession with the media reveal that Jaitley is arguing for Kumble’s wife Chetana, who has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against her former husband’s demand for full custody of their daughter Aaruni (15). Chetana was earlier married to Kumar V Jahgirdar, and Aaruni is their daughter, and now lives with the Kumbles.

A epic battle is on the cards, with Prashant Bhushan, son of another law minister (Shanti Bhushan), arguing Jahgirdar’s brief. Shanti Bhushan’s legal expertise cost prime minister Indira Gandhi her government after her election as MP was disqualified in 1975. The Supreme Court heard the child custody case yesterday and adjourned it for two weeks.

“Jaitley, who has masterminded several victories for the BJP, is now fighting for Chetana,” said a source close to her former husband.  Jaitley leads a team of five eminent advocates in this case, while his rival lawyer has a team with similar strength. Jahgirdar and Chetana were not available for comment. But the normally unflappable Kumble was cold when the media called. “Don’t ask me about all this,” he snapped. “Don’t call in this regard.”

Jahgirdar’s counsel, Bhushan, is optimistic about his prospects. “I’m hopeful of winning the case,” Bhushan told media. He laughed away the suggestion that the case was more between two former law ministers than between Chetana and Jahgirdar.

“We have argued many cases in the past. It doesn’t have much to do with former union law ministers,” he said. Jaitley was not available for comment.

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